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Personal Training Sugarhouse

Personalized Training Sessions for All Ages and Abilities 

Personal Training Sugarhouse 

Personal training Sugarhouse – If you live in Sugarhouse and are interested in personal training, talk to Utah Fitness Institute. We create goal-oriented programs tailored to the individual. We provide direct oversight for performing each technique properly to promote injury prevention.  

With Utah Fitness Institute’s highly trained staff led by Paul Daniels (PhD in Exercise Physiology) and Danesh Ajioka (BS in Exercise Physiology and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist), you can trust that your personal training Sugarhouse sessions will be safe, effective, and help you reach your goals.  

Experience Counts in Personal Training

Personal Training Sugarhouse - With Utah Fitness Institute’s highly trained staff led by Dr. Paul Daniels and Danesh Ajioka, (CSCS), you can trust that your personal training sessions will be safe, effective, and help you reach your goals.


Benefits of Personal Training Sugarhouse

When you work with a personal trainer Sugarhouse, you will receive motivation to push harder than you might on your own. Plus, when you work with our personal trainers, you reduce the chances of injury through a well supervised and correctly implemented fitness plan. 

Do you need a base level of fitness to begin personal training?

Absolutely not. Waiting to get fit to take up personal training in Sugarhouse is like waiting until you can swim to get in the water. We work with all ages and abilities and custom craft your personal training program for where you are. It is our job to get you from there to where you want to be safely and effectively.

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Why personal training is important

Personal training Sugarhouse allows the trainer to focus solely on one client at a time. It is too easy to get “lost” in group classes because there is simply too much going on for the trainer to keep track of everyone. But with personal training, you have the opportunity to work one on one with the personal trainer to craft programs just for you.  

What are the benefits of personal training

Benefits of personal training Sugarhouse include having a customized program tailored specifically for you as an individual, rather than for a group of people. In addition, most people will make advances in their training much faster working one on one with a personal trainer than they ever will on their own. Lastly, when you work with a personal trainer, you reduce the risk of injury, which enables you to train longer with fewer interruptions which has a positive compounding effect on your long term growth.  


Chris Rossi, U.S. National Slalom Champ and UFI client


When is the best time to begin personal training sessions? 

Many people think that they need to get into some type of physical condition before starting. Or that they need to lose weight prior to starting with a personal trainer. But personal training allows the trainer to maximize and optimize each workout for the best results while adding the element of accountability 

If I am injured, can I still participate in personal training?

Typically, yes. Most people think that once they're injured, they have to completely take time off. It obviously depends on the injury, but an example is knee surgery. You can still work all the other limbs and core and cardiovascular system while recuperating the knee. Plus – in many instances, personal training can provide you with a safe rehabilitation program to strengthen the area around the injury, and teach you how to optimize your movement patterns to prevent re-injury to the affectd area.  

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